Sabelat El-Hassan


The main aims of the Sabelat El Hassan are To provide self-confidence, To develop a sense of patriotism, To develop individuality and, To encourage respect for other societies and their cultures,To develop the spirit of voluntary work which benefit individual and the society in which the participant lives. To develop the spirit of democracy through hard work and self-development.

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Conditions for participating in Sabelat El Hassan Program Be between 17 - 25 years old, Be medically fit, Pass physical fitness tests and Pass diving tests (for those who wish to participate in the diving course.)

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Sabelat El-Hassan aims at providing assistance to people and communities in need of this assistance through providing general services, humanitarian aid; financial and in-kind.

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Preparation for the Sabela programme starts with the coordination with governors in their respective governorates that are selected to constitute the path of the programme. Coordination is done so as to funnel the activities of the Sabela in each governorate.

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The Form

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HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal Quotes

The main challenge is how we can invest our biggest resource: the human workforce.

Youth must be involved in responsibility and decision-making

The award’s values are Hashemite Jordanian values based on the love of Hussein and love of Jordan

The award is not a career ladder but a bridge to the efficient contribution of the responsible proactive community that does not distinguish between one and another

Love Jordan and learn to give it more than what you take from it and let the Sabla be your distinctive path in the footsteps of loyalty to the homeland

Learning and practicing national education links between right and duty, creates awareness of the relationship between history and geography, links the past to the present, and draws the parameters of the future

The award creates harmony of conscience, spirit and body. It is a factory of generations, a plant of fatwa, a creator of citizenship and a true contribution to our country

It is the Hassan Youth award which promotes the slogan of development and belonging, and provides opportunities for true citizenship

The human is the most valuable product we own

The knowledge of human content is the basis of the Hassan Youth award

No growth or belonging can exist without justice

Al Hassan Youth Award and its Sabila contribute to the preparation of youth to build the homeland

Belief in God, patriotism and loyalty to His Majesty the King are the building blocks of true citizenship

Discussion with youth is the basis of youth proactivity

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