Conditions of the Award


The conditions that apply to each and every participant in the El Hassan Youth Award are

  • The age range of participants is 14 - 25.
  • Young people above the age of 23 and a half are not eligible to participate in the Gold Award.
  • Participation is available for all young people within the age range of 14-25.
  • The minimum age for new participants joining the scheme for the first time is as follows :
    • Bronze: 14
    • Silver: 15
    • Gold: 16
  • In order to receive any award, the participant must meet the requirements of four programs: Services, Skills, Physical Recreation, and an Adventurous Journey.
  • Candidates working towards the Gold Award must undergo an additional activity called the Residential Project.
  • To qualify for each level of the Award, candidates must be:
    • Bronze: 14 and a half
    • Silver: Bronze Award Holders, 15 and a half; Direct Entrants 16
    • Gold: Silver Award Holders: 17; Direct Entrants: 17 and a half.
  • The starting point for entry into the scheme is to be marked in the record book showing activities chosen and completed.This record book must be filled and signed by authorized supervision on completion of these activities.
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