Waseem Zorob


Name: Waseem Zorob

I see my son as a young man now and feel pride he is working towards the Gold Award after completing the Bronze and Silver Awards.  To me, it is indeed a great achievement, not only for following in my footsteps, but also for the lessons learned while working towards such a prestigious award. 

Thirty plus years ago, I was among the first people in Jordan joining the Award’s Program not knowing the great, positive impact it will have on my life.  I went out of my comfort zone, challenged myself, and became a better person for it.

Today, I am proud to take a photo with my son, each of us holding an award; one of which is still new and not even framed, while the other has been well maintained for over three decades.  Both however, hold the same meaning and carry the ethos of the El Hassan Youth Award.  The two hold the true meaning of becoming a better version of your former self, be it in more service to your community, expanding your skill set,  maintaining a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and most importantly,  honing your adventurous skills and courage.

I became a person on a continuous journey of self-development, and always compete with my former self.  I owe the seeds of the beginning to HYA that set me, and hopefully my son, on the right path and correct mind set. 


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