Services Programme


Services Programme



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To increase participants’ awareness of their communities through the act of giving service to others.

The services program spans a wide range of activities, and enables participants to understand the importance of assisting others in the development of their communities.. At each level of the Award, participants undertake practical and social services. (Participants are provided with adequate training in cases where it is necessary. In such cases, a third of the required time for the services program is allotted for the training period, and two-thirds for the actual service.)

Participants are expected to discuss the services program with the supervisor and visit   three social institutions, in addition to writing descriptive reports on these visits and performing this service for an average duration of an hour a week. The duration of the service depends on the level of the Award undertaken:

  • Bronze level: 3 months, which may be extended up to 6 months,
  • Silver level: 6 months, which may be extended up to 12 months, Furthermore, Gold level participants are expected to conduct a scientific study on a social issue or project, ideally related to the services they are performing.
  • Gold level: 12 months, which may be extended up to 18 months.

Gold participants who are already Silver Award holders may conduct a general study on their local communities’ social needs or a more dedicated study with regards to the practical service the participant performed and noting that down in the personal accomplishments  notebook.

The Outdoor Residential Program is an additional requirement for direct and indirect Gold Award participants. By living with people from various communities and learning to work and live together for a minimum period of five days and four nights, participants develop as individuals and gain an increased awareness of those around them. This program may be tied to the various activities of the Award’s programs in Services, Skills, and Physical recreation, but not Adventurous Journeys.

Note: The Award Office’s approval is required prior to participating in the Outdoor Residential Program.

Types of Service:

• Charity work

• Volunteering at a care home or hospital

• Working with the police or civil service

• Civil Defence

• Sport coaching

The three Awards are mutually distinct. Participants can select a different service at each level or continue with the same service for all levels. Participants should not, however, change the type of service during a specific level, so that they gain a full understanding of the environment in which they are working.


Typical supervisors will be in positions of responsibility at the place of service, and may include:

• Hospital doctors or nurses

• Teachers

• Librarians

• Supervisors at social services centres

• Public relations officers in a police department.

At Bronze level of the Award, supervisors at the participants’ school help to select the service. At the Silver and Gold levels, participants are expected to select the service themselves.

Participants will have three opportunities throughout the duration of the service to meet with Award supervisors, in order to discuss their progress.


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