El Hassan Permanent Award Camp


EL  Hassan Youth Award Camp

EL Hassan Environmental Youth Camp was established with the support of the Greater Amman Municipality. His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal was inaugurated the camp in 2014. The camp is in the city of Amman - Tabarbour near the Abu Dhar al-Ghafari Mosque, with an area of ​​5 dunums. The camp hosts various local social activities, both Arab and international.


  • Uses of the camp:
    • Setting up summer camps for participants in the EL Hassan Youth Award.
    • Establishing sports activities.
  • Objectives of the camp:
    • Develop an environmental camp to raise the efficiency of the participants in the award in the fields of water, energy and the environment.
    • Promote positive environmental behavior among young people.
    • Investment of the camp by providing the opportunity for the participating parties to use the camp and its facilities.
    • Develop the camp to become an economic project that generates income for EL Hassan Youth Award
    • Cultivate herbs and mushrooms and market agricultural products.
  • The importance of the camp is as follows:
    • Promote environmentally friendly practices by enhancing environmental skills and behaviors.
    • The camp is considered the best prize for environmental youth. It is a vital and strategic environment-friendly place where there are instructions to serve and meet the needs of the prize (training and entertainment to promote positive practices towards the environment).
    • Promote the entrepreneurial culture and encourage innovation and provide the necessary tools and expertise to motivate young people to change their behavior, develop their skills and provide employment opportunities.
    • The project offers an opportunity for young people who are successful entrepreneurs by providing them with economic opportunities and job opportunities through engaging in the economic activities of the camp and raising their individual productive skills to contribute to the development of the project and its activities.
  • This project provides opportunities for participants in the Al Hassan Youth Award at the local, regional and international levels to:
    • Provide the green landscape in the camp to identify the plants most suitable for the camp environment and help to grow and manage products such as olive trees, flowers, ornamental plants and others.
    • Identify methods and techniques for water conservation and irrigation to be put into good use by participants to promote and promote environmentally friendly practices over time and future generations.
    • Manage waste in a manner that preserves the environment. The most important of which are: Disposal of indiscriminate throwing through awareness, cleaning campaigns, allocation of waste disposal places, disposal of organic waste by recycling, and converting it to other products that can be used, such as organic fertilizers.
    • Manage a productive kitchen to provide meals for the Award camps and others.


- Safe environment for setting up camps, and various health facilities (kitchen, camping, sports).

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