Mohammad Nashaat Al Soub


Name   Mohammad Nashaat Al Suoob

Occupation    Accountant at the Office of the Hassan Youth Award

Academic qualification     Accounting (University of Mu'tah 2015)

Award Holder    Sablat Al Hassan for Youth (2011), Golden Award (2015)



Bachelor of Accounting.

My journey with the Al Hassan Youth Award began in 2011 as part of the Saiblat Al Hassan program.The award aims to promote self-development, the love of volunteerism, and coexistence despite the surrounding circumstances.
I benefited many personal skills from the award, some of which are discipline, ice breaking, working under pressure and opportunism.

During my time at Mu’tah University, I participated in the Al-Hasan Award Camp under the name of the Assistant of the Supervisory Board, which in turn was one of the reasons for developing personal skills with a higher level of participation as a student.

Upon graduation from university I had the honour of working at the office of HRH Prince Al Hassan Bin Talal Youth award as an accountant. This allowed me to gain the professional experience needed as an accountant and gave me the opportunity to participate in local and international events as a representative of the award.

Al Hassan Youth Award is the most distinguished program for us as a Jordanian youth.

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