Training Courses


The content of the set of training courses held byEL Hassan Youth Award includes the Award programs and its strategic plan and its relationship to citizenship and democratic empowerment. The aim is to provide the participants with new values ​​and positive attitudes and inform them about the Awardmechanism after obtaining the new international license for 2018.


  • EL Hassan Youth  Award Partners:
    • The Ministry of Education
    • Youth Higher Council
    • Public and Private Universities
  • Targeted Groups:
    • EL Hassan Award Liaison Officers
    • The Award Coordinators
    • The Award Supervisors (Services, Skills, Sports Activities, Exploration Trips)
    • All three levels of EL Hassan youth Award Participants (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

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External Training Courses:

• Citizenship and affiliation course Read_More

• Equal Citizenship Rights Initiative Read_More

• Cultural and Religious Diversity Tolerance training workshops Read_More

• National Training Team Read_More

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