Objectives of the Award


The main aims and objectives of the El Hassan Youth Award scheme are:

  • To encourage participation, rather than competition, and to measure the participant's progress in relation to personal capabilities rather than external standards of achievement. 
  • To provide opportunities for uninhibited access to activities.
  • To provide opportunities for the handicapped to participate.
  • To bridge the generation gap by encouraging adults to participate in the overall supervision of the program.
  • To promote the values of participation, cooperation, team spirit and social responsibility.
  • To reinforce the values of progress, affiliation, and active citizenship.
  • To widen the scope and the horizon of the youth to enrich their life experiences, on a personal as well as national and international level.
  • To develop young people's skills, abilities and capacities in relation to fulfilling personal as well as national needs and aspirations.
  • To develop young people as individuals, with particular emphasis on the following aspects:
    • Self reliance and self control.
    • Perseverance and determination.
    • Initiative and originality (creativity).
    • Social responsibility and dedication.
    • Value oriented decision making.
    • The spirit of adventure.
    • Fitness of the body and mind.
    • Life skills, professional skills, cultural skills, and family related skills.
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