Alia Ali Edrees Mahmoud

Name         Alia Ali Edrees Mahmoud

Nationality              Jordanian

Date of Birth           23/12/1970

Phone Numbers     0777350503 - 0795011456

Email            [email protected]


Current Occupation
  Assistant Professor at Zarqa Private University, Faculty of Media


  • Bachelor of Media and Journalism (Radio and Television, Public Relations and Advertising) 1992, Yarmouk University, with distinction.
  • Diploma of Educational Administration, 1993, University of Jordan, with distinction.
  • Master of Women Studies, 2005, University of Jordan, Excellent Appreciation. Master Thesis on gender content in the programs of the family and women on Jordanian TV.
  • PhD in Information Science, 2011, University of Jordan, with high distinction.
  • High School 1988 Literary Branch Jordan 82.6%

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